Madison Area Music Association

The Madison Area Music Association mission is to put instruments in kids' hands. The organization puts on an annual Grammy-type show and other events whose proceeds help fulfill that mission.

Between The Waves Madison Music Festival and Conference

BTW provides songwriters and composers knowledge, expertise, and tools to help them earn a living. The Festival portion of the event is generally comprised of dozens of musical acts performing on several stages in multiple venues in the heart of Madison.

The Conference is comprised of dozens of diverse speakers with topics such as "Yes, Your Band Is a Business," "Music in Film," and "Mindsets and Strategies for a Successful Music Career." Sessions have included Grammy winners and nominees Kip W

Stephanie Elkins' Website

My wife is a Wisconsin Public Radio music host, photographer, musician and writer.


Unleash Your Music

The MIDI Association

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an industry standard music technology protocol that connects digital musical instruments, computers, tablets, and smartphones from many different companies. MIDI is used every day around the world by musicians, DJs, producers, educators, artists, and hobbyists to create, perform, learn, and share music and artistic works.